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What is Machine Box?

State of the art machine learning technology inside a Docker container which you can run, deploy and scale

No external calls: Everything runs inside the container—your data stays with you

Deploy and scale
Deploys everywhere: as many instances as you need

Predictable pricing
Free for you, simple subscription fees for companies

Production in minutes
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No annoying API limits—it's your box

Built for developers
Dead simple usage suitable for developers of any level with interactive console built right into the box

It's embarrassingly easy to use

Do you get frustrated with poorly designed APIs?
You'll love the awesome developer experience

This is the hardest thing you have to do

docker run -p 8080:8080 -e "MB_KEY=$MB_KEY" machinebox/facebox

Set the MB_KEY environment variable, run the Docker image, and use the RESTful JSON API to access powerful Machine Learning capabilities

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You can very easily integrate any of these capabilities into your own products or services… So far we've had 4,825,949 total downloads

Classificationbox DEVELOPER PREVIEW

Classify text, images, structured and unstructured data—Learn about Classificationbox


Teach and recognize faces in images or photographs—Learn about Facebox


Analyze news content and detect fake news—Learn about Fakebox


Detect adult and NSFW content—Learn about Nudebox


Detect objects in images—Learn about Objectbox


Teach and automatically understand the content of images—Learn about Tagbox


Understand text with natural language processing (NLP)—Learn about Textbox


Deep analysis of videos including face detection, image classification and nudity detection—Learn about Videobox

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NEW Save and restore models

100 faces in Facebox

100 tags in Tagbox

10 Suggestionbox model

10 Classificationbox model

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Provides AI to non-technical people

Orchestrate with a wide range of cognitive engines

Powerful search and discovery tools

In the cloud or on-prem

Network isolation options

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Access to the aiWARE platform

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