Facebox detects and identifies faces in photos. You can teach facebox with as little as one sample image.

Uses for Facebox

This capability has a variety of utilities:

  • Identify who is in an image
  • Improve search and SEO by automatically including the names of people featured in photographs
  • Drive social engagement by notifying users when they appear in new content
  • Anonymize images by blurring faces
  • Kick-start manual moderation of images by detecting faces ahead of time

To learn more about what you can do with Facebox, visit the Machine Box blog.

Get started

The best way to get started with Facebox is to use it. We’ve put together a tutorial that walks you through teaching and recognizing faces.

Example experience

Facebox makes it very easy to build rich experiences using just JavaScript and CSS:

Facebox preview

In the above image, which a real tool available when you run facebox, the rectangles returned from the API are used to draw circles around each face allowing the user to interact with them. Learn more about how we did this.

Interactive console

When you run Facebox, you’ll have access to an interactive administration console that includes everything you need to get going; API documentation, working code examples, interactive components, and more.

Interactive console preview

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