Here is a list of questions that we get asked most frequently.

Inner workings

Machina gets asked a lot of questions about how these boxes actually work—here are the answers.

Where does the data processing happen?

The boxes are self contained. Everything happens inside the Docker container, no external API calls are made to other services when fulfilling your requests.

The boxes report analytics and may load messages from the Machine Box servers to let you know about updates or new boxes. However, depending on your subscription level, nothing relies on this, so feel free to run them in whichever network situation is best for you.


Can I speak to the team?

Yes, and please do. We love meeting new people and helping see where our technology can help enhance your products and services.

You can get in touch via Twitter (@machineboxio) or drop us an email.

Machina: The pink mascot

Machina is the name of our pink mascot designed and created by Ashley McNamara.

Here is Machina:

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