Some boxes have limits which depend on which subscription plan you have.

Example limits include:

  • A restriction on the number of faces that may be taught in Facebox
  • A restriction on the number of custom tags you may teach Tagbox
  • State management (downloading and uploading state) in various boxes

The details of the limits are presented inside the box once you start it.

How do I get limits removed?

You can get limits removed by Upgrading your subscription plan. Once you do this, the next time you start a box, the limits will not be enforced.

Why are there limits?

We want to make our technology available to a wide range of companies, teams and projects. By offering a limited box for a more affordable price, we are able to provide value for a range of different situations.

What happens if I reach the limits?

If you reach a limit, you will likely start receiving HTTP errors when making API calls. We want to avoid this from happening and recommend the highest subscription plan for companies who make the most out of Machine Box technology.

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